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Bad Construction Design– a lighthearted post

May 19, 2010
Before we take on other construction law subjects, consider this a smile-break. 

Construction don’ts:

1.  Don’t worry about safety, aesthetics, or what the neighbors will say– if you don’t have enough room, make some out of the air. 

Photo by JaviC via Flickr*


 2.  Don’t worry about how someone will actually reach the threshold to get into the building– that’s what step ladders are for!             

Photo by William Veerbeek via Flickr*


 3.  Don’t worry your head about such petty issues as  structural integrity– it’s only a shed, right?              

Photo by RogueSun Media via Flickr*



* Photo credits: “An extra room” by JaviC; “Entrance, Ufa/RU, 2009” by William Veerbeek; “Bad Construction P1000892” by RogueSun Media.  All via Flickr and made available via an Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 License.     

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