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Tools in your Toolbox

July 28, 2010

A fun link for “over the hump” day.

A light-hearted post from the “Art of Manliness” blog discusses 12 essential tools for a toolbox.  Pretty basic stuff here, but something everyone–man, woman, or college-aged child–should have access to in their home. 

Read it and see if you agree, and let me know what (other than duct tape, which is a given) should be added to the list…………. 

tool box

Tomorrow, back to the law part of the blog when we’ll be discussing, by popular demand,  the Statute of Repose.

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  1. "Junior" Burcham permalink

    Very Good Basic list. The only thing I might change would regular pliers or channel locks in lieu of vise grips.

  2. snooky permalink

    I always have a first aid kit on hand, and different sizes of band aids, as well as different sizes of maxi/mini pads to absorb blood form more serious lacerations.

    semper fi,…snooky

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