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Irene Damages Main Roadway on Outer Banks (pictures & data)

September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene brought untold damage to much of the Eastern Seaboard over the weekend.

Our own Outer Banks, often a magnet for Hurricanes and nicknamed “Hurricane Harbor”, was hit once again.  Irene opened up two new (temporarily, at least) inlets and will require significant repairs to NC Route 12, the main transportation route on the Outer Banks.  Transportation engineers will be working on Rte 12 for some time.

A picture of one of the new inlets is below:

Hurricane Irene road damage on outer banks of NC

This picture comes from Western Carolina University’s Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines.  You can find much more information about the damages on various portions of the Outer Banks, and see other interesting pictures, by downloading the full report here: Update on Outer Banks after Irene.

PS:  I’m still receiving some great feedback and comments on my “Tell me what to write challenge” so I will extend the challenge through the weekend.  Those that got their suggestions in by the original deadline will get their names in the hat twice, but all ya need is one, as they say!  Keep ’em comin’.


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