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This is not an all-inclusive list, but it is a list of blogs which are regularly updated, provide good content, and deal with construction or legal issues relevant to my readers.  If you think I’m missing someone who should be included, drop me a line.

Construction Law Blogs

Best Practices Construction Law (Tennessee)computer keyboard

Blueprint Claims Blog

Builders Counsel Blog (Washington State) 

Construction Advisor Today

Construction Contract Advisor (Nebraska)

Construction and Green Building Law Blawg (Georgia)

Construction Law Monitor (Louisiana, Washington, & Oregon)

Construction Law Musings (Virginia)

Construction Law Today

Georgia Construction Law Blog

Green Building Law

Green Building Law Update

Law Under Construction (Indiana)

Legal Construction Zone (Indiana)

Michigan  Construction Law Update

Mike Purdy’s Public Contracting Blog (Washington)

Virginia Real Estate, Land Use & Construction Law Blog

South Carolina Construction Defect Law

South Carolina Construction Law Blog

Construction Marketing & Negotiation Blogs

Construction Marketing Ideas

Critical Path:  Tools for Resolving Construction Disputes

E-quip Blog

Markup and Profit Blog

North Carolina-related Blogs

Construction Law Carolinas (NC and SC)

North Carolina Business Litigation Report

North Carolina Construction News, LLC

North Carolina Insurance Law

North Carolina Litigation Blog

Misc. Links

Blawg Review (legal  blogs on every conceivable subject)


Photo “computer keyboard” via Commons license.
  1. Melissa,
    “If you think I’m missing someone who should be included, drop me a line.” Yes, take a look at my new blog site,, which is new and under development but will ultimately have tremendous construction disputes content.

    Very nice blog btw. What program are you using to vary your tag text size?

    Steve Holloway

    • Thanks Steve! I’ll check out the site. The tag text size varies automatically via wordpress dot com, based on how frequently I use a particular tag.

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